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What happens in a Heart transplantation surgery?

Heart transplant is a surgical method in which damaged heart is replaced by a healthy heart.In a heart transplant surgery two persons are involved,a patient suffering from coronary artery disease or an end-stage heart failure problem and deceased heart donor.The patient with heart problem gets transplanted with deceased donors heart.

How well Heart transplantation surgery is done in India?

In India,generally two types of transplant surgeries are carried out they are:

  • Beating Heart Surgery
  • Open Heart Surgery

The success rate of transplant surgery is gradually getting higher in India.The cost of surgery is considerably low in India, when compared to the United States & other countries.

Which is the best center to have Heart transplantation in India?

The experienced and skilled doctors in the country have refined surgical procedures by avoiding possible loopholes.Among them, Fortis Centre for Heart Failure and Transplant has shown extremely remarkable excellence in heart transplant surgery.This center is well-renowned for pediatric heart transplantation surgery .The little hearts are cured and pampered here.The dedicated bunch of specialists doctors are always an advantage to us.The heartfelt warmth given by successful patient history have always boosted our efficiency.

What are the circumstances under which Heart Transplantation is suggested?

Before the surgery, difficulties from end-stage heart failure, medical conditions ,and therapies undergone by patients are to be analyzed and evaluated.Heart transplant surgery is considered for patients suffering from following problems:

  • Elevated pulmonary vascular resistance
  • History of malignancy or active malignancy with probability of recurrence
  • Active systemic infection
  • Cardiomyopathy and irreversible heart muscle damage
  • Irreversible pulmonary hypertension
  • Heart valve abnormalities
  • Heart tumors & congenital heart diseases
  • Inability to cope up with complex medical treatment procedures

What should be done before Heart Transplantation Surgery?

The doctor confirms the patients condition by evaluating his psychological and social issues concerned with,blood and diagnostic tests and interview with donor

What conditions implies rejection of transplant after transplant surgery?

  • Fever and nausea
  • Fluid deposition in lungs
  • Reduced oxygen level
  • Breathing problem