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Health Check up Packages

  • Cardiac Health Check up

    Cardiac Health Check Up is recommended to ascertain the health risks that may come with middle age,especially cardiovascular diseases,well in advance

    Package Charge : Rs.4,500
Heart Check Up


  • Health Check Program requires 12-hour fasting.Please do not have milk/tea/coffee in the morning before the tests.However,you may drink water.
  • As a part of health check program,breakfast will be provided at the hospital.
  • Men should shave their chest for TMT.
  • Patients needing dilataion during opthalmology consultaion will not be able to drive or read for 4-6 hrs after the procedure.
  • Prior appointment is required for all health check program.
  • Please report for your health check at Registration Counter by 7.30am.
  • Please carry with you all your previous records and medicines.